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South Africa - Land Expropriation without compensation

Changing the Constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation has certainly ignited South African politics for 2020. It is worthwhile cutting through the noise.

UK Property - Prime London Lettings Index

This report analyses the property of single-unit rental properties in the existing home market in London.

UK Property - Prime London Sales Index

The prime London sales indices are based on repeat valuations of existing stock and do not include new-build property, although units from completed developments are included over time.

Legal Update - How the law affects your rental property, in a nutshell

Thinking of getting into the rental business, or already a landlord? Then you should know that the rental property landscape is becoming more complex by the day, and landlords need to ensure they comply with all applicable legislation.

Community Schemes - The CSOS Act and late submission of an Application

“The members of my body corporate took a decision at our annual general meeting, held on 10 April 2019, which I believe is unreasonable and I would like to oppose it. Can I refer this matter to the CSOS?”

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