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SA Budget 2024 - Your Tax Tables and Tax Calculator

How much will you be paying in income tax, petrol and sin taxes? Use Fin 24’s four-step Budget Calculator here to find out.

Legal Speak Made Easy - “Pro Bono”

“Pro bono” (or “pro bono publico” meaning “for the public good”) is normally used in the context of free legal advice and assistance given by lawyers to people unable to afford them, but it can also refer to other professional services.

Body Corporate Matters - Exploring Voting Disqualifications in Sectional Title Schemes

Owners of units in sectional title schemes are becoming more and more educated and familiar with the prescribed management rules (PMRs) made under the regulations to the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act No. 8 of 2011, which apply to most schemes. This means that scheme managers need to be more on top of their game than ever. 

SA Property - Understanding governance rules in Non-Profit Company Homeowners' Associations vs. Sectional Title Schemes

In the management of community schemes, understanding the different  legal frameworks governing Non-Profit Company (NPC) Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) and Sectional Title (ST) schemes is crucial.

Property Law - Why Do You Need an Occupancy Certificate Before You Buy?

Imagine this – you buy your dream home, pay for it, take transfer into your name, and move in. But then disaster strikes. The Municipality tells you no occupancy certificate was ever issued for the property and that you must vacate. Now

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