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Legal Speak Made Easy - “Rei vindicatio”

Literally “vindication of things” and often referred to simply as a “vindicatory action”, this will be an important legal remedy for you if, as legal owner of something, you are trying to recover it from someone else who possesses it unlawfully and without your consent.

Dementia - Understanding Your Legal Options

Dementia is a widespread medical condition that affects people of all ages but particularly the elderly, and includes conditions like Alzheimer's. One of the most significant challenges of dementia is the loss of mental capacity, making it difficult for individuals to make crucial decisions, including those related to their legal affairs, finances and care. This can be particularly problematic when family members are unprepared or unaware of the practical and legal implications.

Life Rights - Part Two in a series of 'Life Rights' articles written by Prof Graham Paddock

The Housing Development Schemes for Retired Persons Act of 1988 (‘the Act’) regulates life right contracts and provides a framework for management of life right retirement schemes. All life rights schemes where the retirees do not own sectional title units or hold shares in a share block company must have a life right management association (‘LRMA’).

Estate Matters - Can a Video Call be a Valid Will?

It may well be that in the future, we will be able to make a perfectly valid will (“Last Will and Testament”) by way of a video recording or other electronic means, but that day has not yet arrived. For now, it is essential that your will be properly drawn, not only to clearly reflect your last wishes, but also to comply with all the formalities laid out in our Wills Act.

Political Comment - Thoughts after a visit to China

From the time that you arrive at the airport, train trips, meetings … everything runs like clockwork. I arrived at about 11 o'clock at night. All along the way to the hotel, cleaning teams were busy on the streets. Over the following days, it was hard to spot any litter. Thousands of people move around, but it's all orderly and clean. At night women walk safely in the streets.

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