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Debt Collection – Two Recovery Options

How well you manage your debtors’ book, and how successful you are in actually collecting monies due to you, should always be a management priority. It can spell the difference between a successful, profitable business and a failed one. If you are new to the game (the owner of a new start up perhaps), the debt collection process might seem confusing and a bit intimidating, but it needn’t be.

Landlords - You Cannot Cut a Defaulting Tenant’s Water and Electricity

A fundamental principle in issue here is that nobody may take the law into their own hands. In order to preserve order and peace in society the court will summarily grant an order for restoration of the status quo where such deprivation has occurred, and it will do so without going into the merits of the dispute.

Life Rights - Part One in a series of 'Life Rights' articles written by Prof Graham Paddock

While South Africa does still have many homes that include three generations of families, with increased life spans and 'health spans' an increasing number of persons over 50 years of age are choosing to live in specialised retirement developments that provide them with more than just housing accommodation. They also provide meals, medical care, exercise facilities in a managed health and welfare package wrapped in a supportive social environment.

New to Community Schemes - The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Sectional Title Schemes – Part Three

In this final installment of our three part series, we will take a closer look at finances and dispute resolution in the sectional title context.

Security Warning - Property Sale Cybercrime Surges, and a New AI Danger

You buy your dream house and pay the purchase price to the transferring attorneys (the conveyancers). Excitement builds as you wait eagerly for transfer and call the family together to plan your move. Then comes a call from the attorneys – why haven’t you paid yet? Your heart sinks, and panic sets in as it becomes clear that you just paid into a fraudster’s bank account.

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