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"Debrah Baronet is employed within our Property Management Division"

Debrah Baronet

Property Manager

Debrah Baronet matriculated with Exemption from Durban Girls High and has over 20 years of property management experience in which she has held key positions of responsibility within a number of leading property management companies.

She is a lady of high integrity and is known to be utterly honest and for always maintaining a cheerful disposition. Her self-pride and extremely high service levels make her very popular with both clients and tenants alike. She is a neat and very organized person who takes pride in her work.

She has completed the following Property Management Skills Courses: Leasing and Sales Overview, Town Planning, Introduction to Property Development, Valuations, Introduction to Retail Centers, Sectional Title Development, Stamp Duty & VAT, Facilities Planning, Financial Analysis, Property Unit Trusts / Variable Loan Stock Co, Property Management Overview, Introduction to Economics, Introduction to Investment Analysis, Contracts, Corporate Identities, Time Value of Money.

Debrah has also completed the following Advanced Property Management and Advanced Brokering Courses which include: Introduction to Property Marketing, Marketing Commercial, Retail and Industrial Property, Principals of Property Law, Law of Property Finance, Property Finance, Property Management (I), Property Management (II), Property Development.

She also holds a number of Property Technical Skills Courses: Legal Principals of Lease Contracts, Standard Letter Client Reporting, Building Take Ons, Vacancies, Approved Contractors Schedule / Maintenance, Credit Control, Building Operating Costs.

We at PPI are thankful to have Debbie as part of our team and she is an integral part of the companies’ leadership in our Property Management Division.

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